An Introduction to Rowena

An Introduction to Rowena

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection

Leader of the New Orleans Coven and recently elected to the council governing the accords of the prenatural beings.

Ella turned away, hiding her smile of amusement. Her interest in Breth lay only in what she could learn for her investigation. Wondering where the missing member, Rowena, the reverently admired witch was, she caught sight of her entering by the main floor’s entrance. She spoke with no one, simply making her way to her seat and taking her place. Ella admired the woman.
At sixty two years of age, widowed and childless, Rowena was the coven matriarch of the New Orleans order, leading the largest group of witches and warlocks in the Accords. Her honey, silver-gray hair, elegantly cut and styled in a sleek bob, framed her heart-shaped, lightly wrinkled face. Ella knew the woman well. She trusted her implicitly and knew with certainty that Rowena had no involvement in her present case. That she was also a dear, close friend to Ella’s boss helped in forming her opinion.

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An Introduction to Rowena Tombend
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An Introduction Rowena

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