An Introduction to Thaleia – An Immortal

 An Introduction to Thaleia

From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection 

Thaleia is the oldest living immortal from Egyptian times. She controls the element of water. Although she leads the council, her attention is focused on recovering something she lost centuries ago.
Her quest leads her to enlist Brant’s services to locate it. It is a jewel-encrusted box holding a glass globe. She will not tell him what it holds inside.
As a child of Hapi and a slave girl, few know of her origins. It shrouds her in mystery.
Hapi, thought to be the god of the river Nile, is actually the god of its inundation.  Thaleia is over 3000 years old and faces danger for the first time in her long-lived life.
An Introduction to Thaleia – An Immortal

Brant presumed Thaleia would get to the point of why she found it necessary to barge into his office when she thought him well and properly put in his place. So, he ignored her. He picked up his schedule with his left hand, his coffee with his right and swiveled his chair so he faced the window. With his back to her, he took a sip from his cup and grimaced at the taste of the now-lukewarm liquid. He stared down at the schedule in his hand, not seeing any of the words or notations Marina had left for him. Pretending to be consumed, he heard her remove her coat and scarf and place both on the chair next to her.
“Have you heard from your father recently?” Her question, delivered with what sounded like an amused lilt, was meant to further aggravate him.

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An Introduction to Thaleia - An Immortal
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An Introduction to Thaleia – An Immortal

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