Book Blurb:

BOOK RECOMMENDATION: The Last Librarian: by Brandt Legg

The last library. The last books. The last chance.
Never let them catch you reading!

Eighty years from now there is no war, no hunger, no pollution. After overcoming a series of calamities in the first half of the century, human advancements birthed a utopian society.
The world is secure and Earth’s 2.9 billion people are healthy and happy.
When everything is perfect, the only thing left to fear is the truth. 
With a single government ruling the entire planet, using a common currency and one language, the population is unified and enjoying the prosperity that comes with more than seven decades of peace. Free healthcare for all, and guaranteed employment, make the future a dream. But this future is only safe if those in power can hide the past.
The books must be destroyed!
When the single remaining library of physical books is ordered closed and its “dangerous” contents burned, almost no one notices, almost no one cares. The impossible task of rescuing the books, discovering their secrets, and unraveling a coded paradox, is up to an angry author, a brazen revolutionary and the last librarian. If they fail, humanity will lose more than just what is printed on those antique pages . . . if it survives at all.

Book Review:

The title of the book intrigued me. I happened upon it by chance. Reading the blurb had me picking it up to read without hesitation. No more libraries! No more books! What?
Add to that the paradox hidden within some of the most well known books, and I was hooked. I was instantly into the story. The world built by the author is one I can believe in. The characters pulled me in to their danger and struggle to save the books.
The future may seem free of hunger, poverty, and disease, but it is all an illusion. Our unlikely hero, Runit, being the last librarian, a lover of books, is prodded by his author friend Nelson, to save as many books as possible. His discovery that the perfect world he believes in is nothing but a lie designed by the greedy corporations running it, leads Runit to make life altering decisions. There are many characters that add to this story, including Runit’s son Grandyn. He becomes the last best hope for a future free from the machinations of the elite.
I read this book totally invested in the characters and story. Once I finished, I quickly picked up the other two books of the series. Neither of those disappointed me either. I highly recommend this series to any one who likes dystopian future novels! I give it five stars.