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Here is where I share my writing journey, upcoming projects, and anything else catching my fancy.


Know Your Strengths as a Writer — From: A Writer’s Path

by John Briggs Want to use your writing strengths to reach your readers? My two greatest strengths as a writer are: I can make you think and I can make you laugh. Sometimes I can do both at the same time. Oh, I’ve been…

COREY HART – Never Surrender Tour June 15 2019

Saturday June 15, 2019 is the day.  And, I’m getting soooooo excited. Born, and raised in my hometown of Montreal, Corey Hart has been a favorite of mine since the early days of his career. I grew up listening to his “Sunglasses at Night”…

Writing Tips For Over-Writers: How To Reduce Your Word Count — From The Creative Penn

  If only this was my problem.   Writers are natural storytellers. We love to create worlds and characters for readers to get lost in. However, we sometimes make the mistake of including too much! So, what problem areas should writers look for when…

Friday’s Quiz: Which Game of Thrones House Do You Belong To?

Friday's Quiz

  Friday’s Quiz – Which Game of Thrones House Do You Belong To?  I’m a Stark!!!! You got House Stark! You value your independence and have enjoyed years of uninterrupted rule in the North, but you value your family above all else. Much like…

Author Mindset: How To Love Self-Editing — by The Creative Penn

  Self-editing can be painstaking and difficult for authors, but it’s a critical part of the writing process. It helps us improve our craft, while also providing a cleaner manuscript for a developmental or copy editor, which saves us money. Here are tips on…

Friday’s Quiz: What’s Your Girl Scout Cookie Personality?

Friday's Quiz

  Friday’s Quiz – What’s Your Girl Scout Cookie Personality?  Mine is Caramel Delite! You are a unique individual and take pride in artistic endeavors. You love to mix things up and see what happens! You inspire others and have strong public speaking skills. You…

How To Lure Your Muse — by K.M. Allan

One thing I love about writing is the days when the words just flow. Every sentence you pen down comes out near perfect, first time. Every transition to the next paragraph is effortless, and the ideas and inspiration seem limitless.

Friday’s Quiz: Which Romantic Movie is Your Life?

Friday's Quiz

  Friday’s Quiz – Which Romantic Movie is Your Life?   Mine is The Notebook