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Friday’s Quiz: Which Romantic Movie is Your Life?

Friday's Quiz

  Friday’s Quiz – Which Romantic Movie is Your Life?   Mine is The Notebook    

June 2019 Movies – The Ones I Want To See

  Next month features the release of plenty movies to see. Here is a list of the ones I am eager to see, plus a list of all of them on the bottom. Which ones interest you?   Dark Phoenix ( June 7th )…

Our Watch Has Ended – Game of Thrones – Spoilers

I’ve been procrastinating on writing my final thoughts on the final, yes final, episode of Game of Thrones. I think that it’s not so much that I can’t think of what to write, but that I don’t really want to admit that it’s over. This show was epic, and although I have loved some, or hated some, of the episodes, the end of the series has left me wondering what to do now. How, or what, can I replace this magnificent show with? 

21 Questions You Can Ask To Help You Sell More Books — From Just Publishing Advice For Writers and Authors

If you are a published author and you are selling your books on Amazon or anywhere else, you know that your book description is the hook that should help you market and promote your book.

But is it working for you?

Your book description is one of your most powerful marketing strategies, but for many new Indie authors, they often write it as an afterthought.

Writing Tips: 8 Ways To Take Your Book From Good To Great — From The Creative Penn

First off, selling your novel and getting it read is hard enough. You’ve got a lot of competition, you have to deal with marketing, and readers are quick to drop a book that doesn’t interest them.

Daenerys’ Descent Into “Madness”? – Game of Thrones – Spoilers

This, for me, was one of the best episodes of the series. Although many fans have been in an uproar over Dany turning “mad”, if they are honest with themselves, they would admit the signs have been there from the start. OK, maybe not…

Game of Thrones – Spoilers: Share Your Thoughts

  I’ve watched all four episodes so far, and I’m wondering what your thoughts are on what we have seen. There are a lot of negative comments floating around on the internet. Some are merited, others, I think, are sour grapes for the writers…

Creative Writing Prompts and How To Use Them — From A Writer’s Path

Writing prompts are a great way to get your mind going and in the mood for writing. Sometimes (and this has actually happened to me before) it can even be the beginning of a whole new project.