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Elements – Chapter Nine

Elements – Chapter Nine Alexa The people in the room stopped talking when Bet and I walked in. Some were sitting on the sofas, while others stood in groups. From what I could see, seven people occupied the room. My mother and father sat on one sofa, his hand holding hers, their attention now on me. On the opposite sofa, a man and woman … Read More Elements – Chapter Nine

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Elements – Chapter Eight

Elements – Chapter Eight Aidan Aidan removed himself once he knew Bet had calmed Alexa. On his way to the gym, Alexa’s sobs tore at him. He felt her anguish, her pain. He knew his presence would only confuse or maybe infuriate her, so he entered Bet’s room asking her to go see Alexa. Bet was unsure she would be welcome. She agreed to … Read More Elements – Chapter Eight

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Elements – Chapter Seven

Elements – Chapter Seven     Alexa I managed to make it to my room with no one seeing me. Running by the living room, I heard my mom’s voice. Knowing I was not ready to see her yet, I took the stairs two at a time; reaching my bedroom I closed the door behind me. I had too many questions that needed answering. Fear … Read More Elements – Chapter Seven

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Elements – Chapter Six

Elements – Chapter Six Aidan Aidan was at a loss to understand what just happened. He was astounded at the intense feeling that seized him. He watched Alexa sprint to the house, leaving the remnants of her anger behind. She entered the house, disappearing from his sight. For a moment he heard her thoughts, felt the emotions that made her run away. She was … Read More Elements – Chapter Six

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Elements – Chapter Five

Elements – Chapter Five Alexa I woke up with a start, almost falling out of the chair I was sleeping in. Bright sunlight was filtering through the window. The events of the previous day rushed back to me. I swung my legs to the floor and stood stretching my aching muscles. A nagging feeling I was dreaming something important followed me into the bathroom … Read More Elements – Chapter Five