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Comments and insights on movies I’ve seen. Past, Present, (and Future?). From the latest action and adventure, to the most recent Rom-Com.

My Top Five Halloween Movies

My Top Five Halloween Movies So here are my top five Halloween movies. I love Halloween, but hate horror movies. I’m too easily frightened, and the blood and gore gets too real for me. So, I prefer a more humourous or supernatural movie for…

June 2019 Movies – The Ones I Want To See

  Next month features the release of plenty movies to see. Here is a list of the ones I am eager to see, plus a list of all of them on the bottom. Which ones interest you?   Dark Phoenix ( June 7th )…

Avengers: Endgame – Tomorrow’s The Day

The long awaited final chapter of the Marvel Universe is being released tomorrow. After Thanos wiped out half of life everywhere, how will our heroes band together to restore what has been lost. How will Tony Stark, or will he, make it back home? Will Bruce Banner be able to channel the Hulk again? Did Dr. Strange set in motion a way out before giving the time stone to Thanos?

On my to see list! #JurassicWorld #ChrisPratt #Movies

Welcome to Parks and T. Rex! Chris Pratt is back for Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, the franchise’s darkest installment yet. Get exclusive scoop on the film, plus 68 more summer movies. 📷: Matthias Clamer for EW via Welcome to Parks and T. Rex!Chris Pratt is…