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Update: Sudden Shock (The Elleanor Stone Collection)

Excited to report final editing is underway, and Elleanor Stone’s introduction to the world is being planned as I write this. Look for it mid September, if not before. If you haven’t read The Crystal Series yet, what are you waiting for? Book One…

WELCOME TO #RRBC #WritersConference & #Book Expo! #WCBE — Laura Libricz, Authoress

Come join us!!   Three years into the conference game and RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB is getting better and better at it! Last year’s conference opened up such a wide window of opportunity for our members, as they got the chance to meet and…

Sudden Shock is in its Final Stages of Editing

Elleanor Stone has been alive for centuries. Cursed with immortality for her husband’s fidelity by none other than the goddess Aphrodite herself, Elleanor has been working for the past eleven years in modern day New York, as an investigator with the agency guarding against paranormal crimes and misdemeanors….

Editorial Review: Elements (The Crystal Series) Book One

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