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+ The Complete Crystal Series

Elements – Chapter Fourteen

Elements – Chapter Fourteen Aidan Throughout the walk Aidan’s thoughts were focused on Alexa instead of his surroundings. Somehow the strange connection between them was getting stronger. His control was slipping with the growing feelings Alexa was bringing out of him. He recalled the panic that overtook him when she disappeared. The warlock, Myrick, had touched her. The feeling of wanting to murder the … Read More Elements – Chapter Fourteen

+ Elements by Nia Markos - Chapter Thirteen

Elements – Chapter Thirteen

Elements – Chapter Thirteen Alexa Where was I? I turned in every direction trying to get my bearings. I knew this place. It was where I came across Aidan and Elron earlier. I was back in the place they called Deis-dé. Would I be safe here? I sat down heavily on the tall grass. Should I wait or try to explore? Where was everyone? … Read More Elements – Chapter Thirteen

+ The Guardians of the Accords - An Introduction

Elements – Chapter Twelve

Elements – Chapter Twelve Alexa My eyes latched onto Aidan’s when we entered the room. He nodded slightly to me, his presence somehow reassuring me. Odd he suddenly made me feel this way. Up till now, he was nothing but aggravating. Instead of sitting, I stood next to my mother who took a seat next to Bet. “Is there anything else?” I forced myself … Read More Elements – Chapter Twelve

+ Elements

Elements – Chapter Eleven

Elements – Chapter Eleven Aidan Aidan listened in sporadically on Alexa’s conversation with her mother. It amazed him how he was able to hear her, feel her. Her dislike of him was amusing. In all his six-hundred-and-forty-three years, it was not an emotion he ever evoked from a female. Whatever was happening to them, he was not going to share with his mother either. … Read More Elements – Chapter Eleven

+ Elements

Elements – Chapter Ten

Elements – Chapter Ten Alexa That would make Aidan a prince, I almost laughed out loud. No wonder he was so arrogant, so full of himself. He had a lifetime of being a royal. People must fall all over themselves to please him. I wished I was anywhere but here. I did not belong with these people. The last thing I wanted was to … Read More Elements – Chapter Ten