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An Introduction to Laurent St.Ives

  From Sudden Shock – The Elleanor Stone Collection Vampire Council Member Born during the waning years of Charlemagne’s reign and reborn on his twenty-sixth year, Laurent was one of the oldest vampires known to his kind. Dressed impeccably in designer suits, favoring Brioni and Boglioli, elegance and refinement, encompassed the one-thousand-two-hundred-and-six-year-old vampire.Gray eyes expertly concealed his emotions. He kept his sandy blond hair cropped … Read More An Introduction to Laurent St.Ives

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Rhea: Titan and Mother of all Gods

Excerpt from Harmony (Book Three of the Crystal Series): “Rhea, mother of all gods, defender of the earth, watched, listened and plotted. The serene, somewhat bored expression on her exquisitely ethereal face hid the calculated, surreptitious way with which she looked forward to outsmarting her husband. Cronus, as usual, gave no thought to anyone or anything but his own importance. He presided over the … Read More Rhea: Titan and Mother of all Gods

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Aphrodite: From Myth to Elleanor’s Nemesis

But, if immortality has taught Elleanor anything, it is that time, something she has plenty of,  can heal all wounds, and that what may be impossible today could come to fruition tomorrow. 

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The Influence of Marvel Movies in my Writing The Crystal Series

My favorite character in the entire Marvel Universe is Thor. Not for the size of his biceps, or the taut stomach we thrillingly, at times, get a glimpse of, but for his humor and fun loving personality. At times he seems childlike and innocent, a sharp contrast to his being the god of thunder.  In my opinion Chris Hemsworth is the perfect Thor.