The Crystal Series: Creating the World of Sidhe Faeries

Early on, way before I wrote the first word on Elements (Book One of The Crystal Series), I searched high and low (mostly on Google Chrome) for a race of faeries to be central to my story.
There are many that have already been featured in novels, movies and television shows. Check out some movies on IMDb
I wanted something out of the ordinary, one where not much is known but that I could expand on.


This is what I found on Wikipedia:
The aos sí ([eːs ˈʃiː], older form aes sídhe [eːs ˈʃiːðʲə]) is the Irish term for a supernatural race in Irish mythology and Scottish mythology (where it is usually spelled Sìth, but pronounced the same), comparable to the fairies or elves. They are said to live underground in fairy mounds, across the western sea, or in an invisible world that coexists with the world of humans. This world is described in the Lebor Gabála Érenn as a parallel universe in which the aos síwalk amongst the living. In the Irish language, aos sí means “people of the mounds” (the mounds are known in Irish as “the sídhe”). In Irish literature the people of the mounds are also called daoine sídhe [ˈdiːnʲə ˈʃiːə]; in Scottish mythology they are daoine sìth. They are variously said to be the ancestors, the spirits of nature, or goddesses and gods.[1]

The Crystal Series: Creating the World of Sidhe Faeries

The Sidhe sounded right to me. I crafted their island, invisible to human eyes, with lush greenery and sweeping hills, using the Isle of Skye off the coast of Scotland as a reference point. I created a backstory, most of the characters, and a visual description of their world before I began to write.

Since I needed them to interact with humans, I had to come up with a reason for them to abandon their island to coexist with us. And that is where the Kaemorra, their powerful crystal meaning sanctuary, the prophecy and the quest came from.  Deis-dé, a place of refuge that is in-between our world and theirs, developed quite by accident during my writing. Just goes to show where your characters might lead you to sometimes.

The Crystal Series: Creating the World of Sidhe Faeries

The Crystal Series: Creating the World of Sidhe Faeries
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