My mom passed away when I was twenty-three. Let’s just say, years have gone by since then. One of my most treasured possessions is her recipe book. It’s in Greek, and has everything measured in the metric system. Having grown up with the imperial, I have to do some googling to get the right measurements.
If only that was the least of the problems with the recipes. Within the book, mom has written recipes by hand that I have tried to decipher as well as I can. You see, there are ingredients, but no measurements. She had it all in her head.
I had come to the conclusion that I had to try them, and hope for the best. After all, how much flour, milk, etc.. couldn’t be that difficult to figure out. After all these years, I have not mastered one recipe. Nothing is as good as mom made.

Greek Easter is coming up April 28th. For this holiday, mom used to bake Tsoureki.

This is a sweet yeast bread made of eggs, milk, and butter, that is a staple during the Easter. The bread is a three-strand braid which symbolizes the Holy Trinity. As an added touch, there is a red-dyed hard-boiled egg braided into the dough to symbolize the blood of Christ.
I’ve compared recipes online and mom’s hand written notes, and will be attempting to replicate her delicious results. For anyone interested, one of the recipes is on the link below.
No matter what, I am not willing to give up. Wish me luck.

Tsoureki Recipe