Elements – Chapter Fourteen

Elements – Chapter Fourteen

Throughout the walk Aidan’s thoughts were focused on Alexa instead of his surroundings. Somehow the strange connection between them was getting stronger. His control was slipping with the growing feelings Alexa was bringing out of him. He recalled the panic that overtook him when she disappeared. The warlock, Myrick, had touched her. The feeling of wanting to murder the man almost blinded him with its intensity. Unbidden, the thought that no one but him could touch her paralyzed him for a few seconds. Only the expression of shock on Myrick’s face let Aidan know somehow she escaped. It took him longer than he wanted it to, to make sure the warlock and his men could not follow before he left to search for her.

When he found her, the relief that went through him almost brought him to his knees. The feeling of her in his arms, the perfect way she fit against him, amazed him. It took all the strength he possessed to let her go. Her nearness almost made him forget where they were and that they needed to get to safety. It was only the arrival of Elron that helped him gain back some control.

Even now, her nearness was affecting him. Her face radiated with pleasure as she took in her surroundings. Every now and then a soft sigh escaped her. He clenched his teeth, fighting the urge to take the few steps that separated them to take her hand. His whole body was tense with his fight to stay away from her. How was he going to get through this?

It was obvious her opinion of him was not changed. He felt her stiffen in his arms. Was it possible she was immune to him? This never happened to him. She was right; he was used to having any woman in his bed. There were many who would be willing to take anything he offered. It was not his fault he was sought after. If nothing else, his title alone attracted available women to him. Alexa’s feelings were the opposite. He felt her disapproval every time they were together. How could they be so in tune, but so far apart?

He wondered if his mother knew what was happening to him. Would she tell him even if she did know? He needed something else to focus on, something to take his mind off of the woman walking in front of him. He forced his mind to the attack instead.

Who had betrayed them? There was no way Myrick and his followers would know where they were, unless someone gave them away. They had only been on the estate for a day. It was too little time for them to be discovered. Aidan made sure their whereabouts was protected. He listed the people who knew their location in his mind. Besides himself and Alexa, only seven people were at the house. He could not see Alexa’s parents betraying her. Bet and Elron were also not suspect. That left only three people. Would his mother betray them? She was ruthless and cold, but would she jeopardize their plans. His father was another unknown. The man changed through the years.

When he was younger, his father had been closest to him. Somehow, in the last couple centuries, they had grown apart. The man he knew would never have deceived them. He was not so sure now. Then there was Vanya, his mother’s confidant. He did not know much about her. She always stayed away from him. His mother trusted her implicitly.

He wondered if they found them some other way he could not see. Was he focusing too much at those closest to them? There were other ways, other people who could have been used. He would keep an open mind, as well as a keen eye.

End of Elements by Nia Markos – Chapter Fourteen

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