Elements – Chapter Six

Elements – Chapter Six

Aidan was at a loss to understand what just happened. He was astounded at the intense feeling that seized him. He watched Alexa sprint to the house, leaving the remnants of her anger behind. She entered the house, disappearing from his sight. For a moment he heard her thoughts, felt the emotions that made her run away. She was doing things she should not be able to do. How was this possible? It should not be, she had not yet reached her maturity. Even then, she was not related to him, it should be impossible to have such a strong sense of her. He laughed aloud again at what she thought of him. Did he really come across so full of himself? A smile continued to rest on his lips at the idea he irritated her so completely.

Elron appeared beside him, the same question was on his mind. How did she find them? Aidan had no answer to give.

“She should not have been able to see us.” Elron voiced aloud.

“Yes. It’s puzzling. She is stronger than we thought.” Aidan worried about her. The protectiveness he felt was also getting out of control. He could sense her standing in the entranceway of the house, her anger at him still inflaming her. She did not know what to make of him. They had that in common. He did not know why she was affecting him either.

“Are we going to stand out here for much longer?” Elron smirked at Aidan.

Aidan returned Elron’s smirk. He started walking down the path with his friend following. They entered the house finding Thalia and Rider in the main room. They were both sitting close, whispering softly. They broke apart when he entered with Elron.

“Aidan, have you seen Alexa?” Thalia nervously asked him.

“I think you need to explain to me fully what she is.” Aidan was tired of things being kept from him. His own mother was withholding information. If he was to fulfill his part, he needed to know what he was facing.

“So, it has started.” She focused on him, her statement making no sense to him. “I can’t tell you until your mother arrives. A little more time, Aidan, that’s all I’m asking for.”

“We are running out of time.” Aidan ran his hand through his hair, frustrated at being put off again.

Thalia walked slowly to stand in front of Aidan. She placed her hand on his arm, her eyes studying his face, searching for something. Aidan felt her power flow through him. Whatever she was doing, he felt his emotions come back under control.

“Was she very upset?” Thalia asked him, removing her hand from his arm.

“I gather you told her Rider is her father. How do you think she is feeling?” Aidan looked from her to Rider, who came to join them.

“Yes, I’ve already been put to task by Rider, so don’t start as well. What I did was the only thing I could think of. Your mother had her part in it as well. We need to focus on the now.” Thalia returned to sit on one of the chairs.

Aidan followed her, taking a seat as well. She was right. There was nothing they could do about the way things had been handled. All they could do was look forward and make sure things did not get out of control. Elron advanced further into the room, balancing his sword against his chair.

“I think you should tell them where we found her.” Elron said to Aidan. Thalia looked curious at the statement.

“What do you mean? Where was she?” Rider asked in Thalia’s place. Rider came nearer, now just as puzzled at Elron’s remark.

Aidan was not sure he should let them know Alexa found her way there. He glanced at Elron, silencing him with a look. Elron raised his eyebrow, understanding Aidan wanted to keep that quiet for now.

“Elron, can you please check on Bet? I haven’t heard from her today.” Aidan asked him. Elron sighed, stood and picked up his sword. Hoping Aidan knew what he was doing, he gave a slight bow to them before leaving the room.

“Where was she?” Thalia insisted on knowing.

Aidan came to the decision this may be something to keep to himself for now. He thought of what to say before answering. It might be a good thing if no one was aware of Alexa’s abilities. The need to protect her was part of the reason. He was also not sure who to trust.

“In the forest. She seemed to be lost.” Aidan finally answered.

From the look she gave him, he knew she did not believe him. There was nothing he could do about that. Looking to change the subject, he asked a question of his own.

“Is there any way to get Alexa’s abilities to start early?”

Thalia looked at him strangely for a moment. She turned to Rider, where they seemed to be having a private conversation of sorts. With a puzzled look, she faced Aidan again. There was something she was trying to hide from him.

“Not that I am aware of. Is there something you want to share with us?” Thalia was avoiding his eyes as she asked.

Aidan was sure she was aware of what was going on with Alexa. His senses buzzed with warnings to tread carefully. Taking his senses into consideration, he answered her, hiding what he knew.

“I only wondered if it was something we could force.” Aidan paid attention to her face, waiting to see if she would give anything away.

Thalia rose from her chair and faced Rider who came to stand beside her. They both looked apprehensive. Aidan wondered what had them so worried. His mother told him Alexa would only come into her powers on her birthday. Was that another lie? From Thalia’s reaction, he felt there was more to it. He stood as well, drawing their attention.

“Aidan, we need to know, did you see anything that indicates Alexa has used her powers?” Rider asked.

Aidan sighed, wishing he knew how to answer. He did not see Alexa do anything. The fact she was able to get to where they were practicing should not have been possible. He was now worried as well.

“I did not see her do anything, but is it possible she started the change already? Is there any reason to think that?” Aidan was beginning to realize she had.

“Aidan, it’s not possible, unless…” Thalia seemed to come to some realization. Her eyes met Aidan’s.

“What? Unless what?” Aidan pressed for an answer.

“It shouldn’t be possible. Aidan, I need to see Alexa to be sure.” Thalia started to walk to the door.

“Wait. Not yet. She’s already upset enough. Don’t bother her yet.” Aidan stopped Thalia from leaving the room.

Thalia turned and gave him a look. Yes, he knew exactly what Alexa was doing. She was still upset. His need to watch out for her was just as strong as earlier. Thalia knew he could sense Alexa. Her expression was one of surprise, but also understanding. Someone needed to explain to him why he was experiencing these feelings for her.

“Aidan, just give us till your mother gets here. Both you and Alexa need to be told at the same time. We can’t hide this from either of you anymore. Your survival depends on it.” Rider was the one who spoke.

“You have all been deceiving us, haven’t you?” Aidan replied harshly. “Know this; my only concern is Alexa right now. If she is harmed you will answer to me!”

His response stunned them all, including Aidan himself. Where did that come from? He needed to reign in his emotions. Growling in frustration, he strode out of the room, bypassing Thalia who tried to reach out to him. There was only one place he could go to vent his anger. He needed to blow off some steam by punching something. The gym would do.

End of Elements by Nia Markos – Chapter Six

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