Autumn Storm

Autumn Storm

Autumn Storm

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It has been nearly a century since a deadly virus ravaged the earth. Society has splintered between the haves and the have nots. Struggling to survive, a lone girl will discover the lies meant to keep her and her people subservient.

What will she do with this recent information? Who can she turn to for help? Autumn Storm will find friends in the least likely places.

Sudden Shock

Startled awake, ripped from a nightmare he thought he had put to rest long ago, the day greeted him in semi-darkness.

With its promise of a clear, colder-than-average day for the time of year, the sun had risen only just enough to cast an orange glow on the horizon. He lay still on his bed, losing the battle over his need to banish the repressed memories yet again. Further sleep was out of the question. Rising, focusing his mind on his agenda for the day, the blessed routine he had carved for himself forced him to replace the images he refused to relive.

Across the street, Central Park was coming alive with early morning joggers and rushed office workers. High up, on the fifty-sixth floor of the high rise, the nightmare that had woken him at just past three that morning would not abandon him. His gaze was unfocused as he stared out the window, registering none of the scene below. His left hand rested on one of the aluminum sections framing his floor-to-ceiling windows, which spanned the outer wall of his penthouse bedroom. Fresh from his shower, a towel wrapped loosely around his hips, droplets of water still clung to his expansive back. Brant Ankar, billionaire and philanthropist, allowed few things to interfere with or penetrate the hard shell he had built around himself. He had learned long ago that emotions, getting close to others, only brought pain and disillusionment. Continue

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