Harmony (Book Three of The Crystal Series)


Harmony (Book Three of The Crystal Series)

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In the last installment of The Crystal Series, as our heroes band together, will they fulfill the prophecy, or will they face destruction?

Feeling betrayed by Alexa, Aidan has lost his will to live. Held prisoner by Elsam for months, he awaits his demise. Only death can end his suffering. Meanwhile, with Alexa presumed dead, and all hope lost, Liam faces a harsh reality. He has betrayed the only woman he ever truly loved.

Alexa’s choices are few. With her powers now fully realized, she makes a daring move to save Aidan from Elsam’s clutches. Even if she accomplishes her task, and gathers their forces together, there is little time left for them to fulfill the prophecy.

Harmony (Book Three of The Crystal Series)

Rhea, mother of all gods, defender of the earth, watched, listened and plotted.

The serene, somewhat bored expression on her exquisitely ethereal face hid the calculated, surreptitious way with which she looked forward to outsmarting her husband. Cronus, as usual, gave no thought to anyone or anything but his own importance. He presided over the proceedings, lording his position, trying to undermine all she and her daughter, Meredith, were trying to accomplish. Meredith had been barred from attending the assembly.

In fact, Rhea had no idea where Cronus held her daughter. Cronus detained her somewhere, making sure she could not influence the other gods who were present. He would not dare mistreat my daughter! Rhea tried to brush aside her worry that he might harm Meredith in any way. She knew too much of his own indiscretions, and the multitude of offspring those had spawned. Harming one of her own children would lead to direct retaliation. Rhea was not above exacting her own pointed vengeance. Continue

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