Of Earth & Blood

Of Earth & Blood

Of Earth & Blood

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Death has a way of finding Luna. Orphaned at sixteen, living with an aunt she never knew existed, her life has taken a strange turn. New town, new school, unfamiliar people. Strange events have been occurring. Everyone steers clear of her. Everyone that is but one fellow student. What is his interest in her? The answers come on one fateful night when everything changes. With witches and vampires each having a stake in what Luna decides, the stakes are high. Which side will she choose?

Sudden Shock (The Elleanor Stone Collection)

High up, on the seventh floor of that same building, the inside of a corner apartment appeared inky black.

Reflected on the pane of glass, the moon cast itself in muted shades. The floors above the apartment and below it emitted light from still-awake residents. None of the inhabitants on the seventh, however, seemed to be up at that hour. An eerie stillness hung over the inside of the apartment, where the ongoing car alarm penetrated its silence.

The muffled sound of the alarm, both insistent and annoying, brought the young woman back to awareness. Moving through the closed window, the persistent wailing gave her something to focus on, as she ever so slowly regained her senses. Blinking, terror filled her at the surrounding darkness until she realized the lights were off. She found herself huddled in the far corner of the shadowed living room, disoriented and struggling to get her bearings. What happened? How did I get over here? 

The last thing she recalled was a debilitating, torturous sensation, as though her entire body was being consumed by fire. She vaguely remembered sitting at her desk on the other side of the room. Her laptop, open on the last search page, still cast a radiant light across the desktop, displaying proof of its recent use. She had been researching something important, but in her muddled mind could not recollect what. The onset of the blistering pain had come on swiftly, but was brief. Then, she had felt nothing. She must have lost consciousness. How she had ended up there, in the corner, had her mystified. Continue

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