Sudden Shock

Sudden Shock

Sudden Shock

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Elleanor Stone has been alive for centuries. Cursed with immortality by none other than the goddess Aphrodite, Eleanor has faced many dangers. The last eleven years she has made her home outside of modern day New York. As a lead investigator with the agency guarding against paranormal crimes and misdemeanors, her job keeps her busy. There, she works alongside her partners, a fourteenth-century vampire, and a long-lived Sidhe faerie.

Brant Ankar, billionaire, and philanthropist, fathered by an Asgardian warrior, has only recently arrived in New York. His opening of a sub-division of his company, Ankar and Associates, is cut short by a woman from his past. With her pleas for help in recovering a lost artifact, he finds himself with little choice but to come to her aid.

Elleanor has her own hands full while investigating the murder of a young female werewolf. The probing of witnesses leads her to believe the cause of death to be due to a vampire bite. Time is of the essence in solving the crime. Suspicion, hatred, between vampires and werewolves, runs deep. Having only recently halted their centuries-old war, finding out a vampire was responsible could cause a new conflict to erupt.

From New York to Florence, Elleanor follows the clues to solve the young woman’s murder. An arrival of a past love, one she long thought dead, will have profound consequences. Both to the case and to her personally.

Sudden Shock (The Elleanor Stone Collection)

Twilight came and went. In its wake, the expanding blackness of night moved steadily across the island of Manhattan.

Street lamps lit up, traffic eased and pedestrians scattered. October had brought cold, unseasonal weather, an early reminder that winter was on its way. Numbing cold was threatening the overnight hours.

Exiting one of the buildings, on an abandoned avenue in the Bowery District at ten that night, something’s shadow elongated across the sidewalk. Hidden beneath a hood, its owner could not be seen.

The figure stopped just outside the door, scanning the neighborhood, and upon seeing the coast being clear hurried away. In its haste, making its way across the avenue, its misjudgment caused it to bump into a parked car, jarring it heavily. The car’s alarm went off, the blaring horn breaking the quiet, sounding deafening to the ears of the escaping figure. Without a backward glance, it sped away, putting as much distance as quickly as possible between itself and the complex it had just left. Continue

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