The Complete Crystal Series

Complete Crystal Series

The Complete Crystal Series

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“What would you do if you suddenly discover that nothing about life is as you thought? That’s the reality young Alexa faces, and how well she copes will determine the fate of her world and that of the preternatural. Now, if only someone would explain what is going on!”

For eighteen-year-old Alexa, a place to put down roots after a forced nomadic life by her paranoid mother was not as simple as she had believed. Her attempt to settle down in the coastal town of Beverly comes to an abrupt halt as within months of her arrival an explosion levels her apartment building, and all her preconceived ideas of her world end.

Now on the run, Alexa can only follow Bet, her roommate, into the unknown where the worlds of the Sidhe race of faeries, warlocks, daemons, and shadows, threaten her very existence.

Drawn into a prophecy as old as time, Alexa fights against the prophecy’s telling of her being bound to Aidan, the Sidhe prince. What makes it worse is her increasing attachment to his brother Liam.

With her destiny set centuries ago, does she have a choice in whom to love? Or, will choosing her own path lead to their destruction?

The Complete Crystal Series

The silence in the library did little to quiet my growing panic.

I lost count how many times I reread the same sentence in the textbook lying open on the table in front of me. A feeling of dread overwhelmed me suddenly, making it difficult to focus on the writing in front of my eyes. Bet sat across from me, the table littered with her books, taking notes in a spiral notebook. Once in a while her eyes would lift to scan the library. I knew I would not get anymore studying done. The urgency I suddenly felt made me itching to run. Looking up from her writing, Bet noticed my nervousness. Her phone vibrated, cutting off any question she might ask me.

The Complete Crystal Series

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