Venture (Book Two of The Crystal Series)


Venture (Book Two of The Crystal Series)

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In the second installment of The Crystal Series, Alexa is determined to continue on the search for the Kaemorra, the crystal which the prophecy foretold will save the world, alone. With Liam injured, Aidan missing, she cannot count on help from anyone.

Believing she is the cause of both men’s plight, it becomes impossible to ignore what she must do, who to trust with her heart. Fearing her life was never her own, the ache she experiences over the absence of one of the brothers forces her to come to a realization.

Perils, dangers await her at every turn. In order to save the one she loves, she may have to forfeit her own life. Just when it seems she has the upper hand, her actions have the most unfortunate results.

“Aidan is not coming back. Deal with it. You are mine.” The words passed his lips, showing no emotion.

Venture (Book Two of The Crystal Series)

The mournful hoot of an owl sounded from somewhere in the distance.

Inside the darkened bedroom, all was still. Silence permeated the air. The ivory laced curtains, every now and then, fluttered, as a calm breeze wafted in from the half-open window. The curtain’s slight movement lengthened and then contracted the crescent moon’s attempt to illuminate the room. In the somber bedchamber, the dusty-rose painted walls, light oak furniture and frilly accessories were a stark contrast to the occupant of the room.

Liam would cringe if he found himself surrounded by such unmanly decor. The room was awash in pinks, lavenders and fuchsias. From the nightstand, the soft light given off by the Tiffany lamp barely reached him, as he lay unmoving on the bed. His six-foot frame, with its slack yet sinewy muscles concealed much of the frilliness under him on the double bed, but not all. Continue

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