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Creative Writing Prompts and How To Use Them — From A Writer’s Path

Writing prompts are a great way to get your mind going and in the mood for writing. Sometimes (and this has actually happened to me before) it can even be the beginning of a whole new project.

What Do You Think Are the Most Popular Genres? — from A Writer’s Path

Something to think about when we’re writing. (Not that it will change the genre I write in) Read Jean’s stats below:   by Jean M. Cogdell Is your genre one of the top percenters? I hadn’t given this much thought, until reading a great…

Things I Ask My Characters — from A Writer’s Path

Samantha’s article adds another layer to fleshing out a character. Read what she has to say below: by Samantha Fenton It’s important to grasp the whole of any character you’re writing. You, as the author, should know your characters better than anyone — even…