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Writing Tips: 8 Ways To Take Your Book From Good To Great — From The Creative Penn

First off, selling your novel and getting it read is hard enough. You’ve got a lot of competition, you have to deal with marketing, and readers are quick to drop a book that doesn’t interest them.

When Your Query Reveals a Story-Level Problem — by Jane Friedman

Today’s guest post is by author and editor Susan DeFreitas (@manzanitafire). As a freelance editor and book coach, I help my clients with all kinds of tough tasks, from untangling plot problems to finding ways to cut 60,000+ words from an already polished manuscript….

Writing Tips For Great Scenes — K.M. Allan

Writing made easier by K. M. Allan. Her ideas are spot on. See for yourselves…   If the thought of writing a novel freaks you out, first, know you’re not alone. Second, this seemingly huge task is not as overwhelming as you think it…

3 Tips For Being an Effective Writer — A Writer’s Path

I’ve been guilty of at least two of the excuses mentioned here…see if you have as well.   by R.J.Harrigan Being a writer is one of the hardest but most rewarding passions to pursue. Unless you’re thinking monetary rewards in which case, be a…

Things I Ask My Characters — from A Writer’s Path

Samantha’s article adds another layer to fleshing out a character. Read what she has to say below: by Samantha Fenton It’s important to grasp the whole of any character you’re writing. You, as the author, should know your characters better than anyone — even…

The Unspoken Communication Between a Writer & Their Draft Novel #AmWriting #Writer #Writing — Colleen Chesebro ~ The Fairy Whisperer

The Unspoken Communication Between a Writer & Their Draft Novel