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Box Set: Singularity – The Modern Witches Series: Books 1-3 by Fabio Bueno 5 Stars

If reading all three books in two days doesn’t express how much I loved these books, well let me explain. 
Drake stole the show. Loved his humor and his believable attitude of a high school boy.  I wished there was a Drake in my school when I was growing up. Not saying that Skye was any less lovable, in fact, all the characters were exceptionally well developed. The story is told from the POV of both Drake and Skye. Skye is on a mission to discover the Singularity, a witch of immense power. The mystery of who this witch is, is done very well. It had me guessing till the identity was revealed. At one point, I even suspected Drake of being the Singularity. The build up of the romance between Drake and Skye is set at just the right speed.