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NYPD Blue Revival Twist: [Spoiler]’s Murder Sets Stage for New ABC Series — TVLine

I’m all for nostalgia and catching reruns of my favorite shows, but it seems to me that creativity seems to have vanished from Hollywood. Have they simply run out of ideas? Every day brings news of another revival. I read recently that they are…

Top Ten Things Not to Do on Social Media — Fiction Favorites

What a wonderful list of don’ts!! Great article John. I just had to share.   The inspiration for this post was another post by award-winning author Jan Sikes. Jan was wondering out loud whether or not we were all sharing too much on our…

As Usual The Creative Penn Gives Some Excellent Advice

We’re writers so our default way of exploring and understanding the world is through words. But in this increasingly noisy online space, it might be an image that draws a reader to your words. They may well judge you by your book cover, your…

Deadpool 2 This Weekend

Who’s up for some Deadpool 2? Should we leave mom on her special day and hit the movie theater?  

A Little Humor for the Day

Diet anyone?