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Reviews keep coming in: Elements (Book One of The Crystal Series)

5.0 out of 5 stars A great read for Young Adults and Adults alike. With its combination of the supernatural, a hero who doesn’t know her own powers, a complicated love triangle and some danger, intrigue and betrayal, this book was difficult to put down….

The Guardians of the Accords – An Introduction

In the year 1961, after 43 years of attempting reconciliation between the multitudes of known preternatural beings, Queen Eliana of the Sidhes, a race of faeries few were familiar with, hosted a lavish banquet where she received the delegates representing most of her invitees. Missing from the event, however, were the emissaries for the vampires and werewolves. Disappointed by their absence, she was heartened however to see the other races had accepted her invitation.

Immortal Detective – An Introduction to Elleanor Stone

I was born the 24th of May in the year 270 A.D., into a world that was besieged and under constant threat by barbarians known to us as Goths. The city-state of Athens, the largest city nearest to our lands, had been sacked just three years before my birth.

My Top 5 List: Books to T.V. #Young Adult #Fantasy

  I read a lot…then I watch a lot… Sometimes the written word is adapted adequately enough to the small screen. I know allowances must be made for screenwriters changing or cutting out plots, even characters sometimes. Some adaptations are cheesy, or not handled…

Sudden Shock is in its Final Stages of Editing

Elleanor Stone has been alive for centuries. Cursed with immortality by none other than the goddess Aphrodite, Elleanor has been working for the past eleven years in modern day New York, as an investigator with the agency guarding against paranormal crimes and misdemeanors. As a lead investigator, she…

Update: Sudden Shock and Upcoming Projects

Vacation time is over and it’s time to finish up the editing of Sudden Shock. The first book of my new ongoing series is mostly done. While Orlando’s tan is fading, I’ve returned to snow and cold, hoping spring will make its arrival soon. The…

Excerpt from Harmony by Nia Markos

  Rina sat down on the floor in front of him. He could see he had hurt her, but fought against wanting to comfort her. Whatever friendship they had developed was broken. He saw no way for them to go back to their easy…

Excerpt from Harmony by Nia Markos

  “We have not finished.” He said. I slowly turned to face him. Burning rage colored my eyes red. He was standing, leaning over the table with his hands braced upon it. What I must have looked like, with my eyes flashing and my…