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Writing Tips: 8 Ways To Take Your Book From Good To Great — From The Creative Penn

First off, selling your novel and getting it read is hard enough. You’ve got a lot of competition, you have to deal with marketing, and readers are quick to drop a book that doesn’t interest them.

Creative Writing Prompts and How To Use Them — From A Writer’s Path

Writing prompts are a great way to get your mind going and in the mood for writing. Sometimes (and this has actually happened to me before) it can even be the beginning of a whole new project.

The Four Essential Elements You Need To Sell Books On Amazon — by Just Publishing Advice For Writers and Authors

Have you written a book you want to sell? You have? Well, you are probably very excited about the prospect of becoming a published author, and rightly so. But before you jump into self-publishing your book, sit back and take a deep breath. You…

When Your Query Reveals a Story-Level Problem — by Jane Friedman

Today’s guest post is by author and editor Susan DeFreitas (@manzanitafire). As a freelance editor and book coach, I help my clients with all kinds of tough tasks, from untangling plot problems to finding ways to cut 60,000+ words from an already polished manuscript….

Writing Tips For Great Scenes — K.M. Allan

Writing made easier by K. M. Allan. Her ideas are spot on. See for yourselves…   If the thought of writing a novel freaks you out, first, know you’re not alone. Second, this seemingly huge task is not as overwhelming as you think it…

3 Tips For Being an Effective Writer — A Writer’s Path

I’ve been guilty of at least two of the excuses mentioned here…see if you have as well.   by R.J.Harrigan Being a writer is one of the hardest but most rewarding passions to pursue. Unless you’re thinking monetary rewards in which case, be a…

20 Common Grammar Mistakes And Grammatical Errors To Avoid — Just Publishing Advice For Writers and Authors

A small refresher goes a long way….Hope these help…   A quick refresher on the most common grammatical mistakes we all make Every writer tries to write without making errors. Readers are quick to notice grammar or spelling mistakes in any form of writing….

10 Advantages of Writing a Single-POV Story (What I Learned Writing Wayfarer) — Helping Writers Become Authors

How many POV’s do you write in? The most I have done is two….   Multiple-POV story versus single-POV story? Which is the right choice for you? The answer depends on many factors, since every story is different. Knowing which approach to POV to…