The Guardians of the Accords – An Introduction

The Guardians of the Accords

An Introduction

The Guardians of the Accords - An Introduction

In the year 1961, after 43 years of attempting reconciliation between the multitudes of known preternatural beings, Queen Eliana of the Sidhes, a race of faeries few were familiar with, hosted a lavish banquet where she received the delegates representing most of her invitees. Missing from the event, however, were the emissaries for the vampires and werewolves. Disappointed by their absence, she was heartened however to see the other races had accepted her invitation. Held on the Isle of Rum, not far from her own people’s magically hidden island, the Victorian mansion sat atop a cliff overlooking the turbulent coastal waters across the coast from Scotland. The day was Friday, September 15, and the weather was dismal, as Hurricane Debbie approached fast from the Azores in a steady east-northeastward direction.

Winds had picked up early in the day, casting some doubt as to whether anyone would attend the banquet at all. That her guests did come, said a lot about their intentions. One by one, the faerie, witch, immortal, elemental and demon delegates made their way to the meeting place. Lesser known races, those that she had even all but forgotten, such as the gnomes and goblins, arrived as well, having heard of the gathering. Her intent was to entertain them that evening, and then, over the weekend, seclude them within the Victorian mansion in order to come to an understanding. Over the course of the following two days, the effects of the hurricane on the island were minimal, as it struck Ireland instead, moving towards Norway. Their meetings progressed uninterrupted by outside influences, or from any internal arguments.

On that weekend, with all those present participating, the laws and regulations for their peaceful coexistence and the setting up of a governing body of representatives to administer the Accords, were drawn up and signed. The largest groups, the faeries, witches and immortals would each have their own representative at the table, with two assistants picked by each to aid them. The lesser groups combined would vote for another four representatives from any of their races to represent them. Each of those chosen would be allowed one assistant each. These representatives would have a mandate for eight years, after which they would be replaced by one of their new delegates.
At the beginning of the Accords going into force, the governing body was made up of seven representatives with a total of ten assistants. The name given to the Council was the Guardians of the Accords. Every four years, the governing Council of representatives would vote one of their members to lead the Council. The leader’s primary role was to uphold the peace, settle disputes and most of all end any ongoing wars that threatened to expose them to humans. The most pressing business had been the centuries’ old war between the vampires and werewolves. Their fighting threatened all preternatural beings. Attempts to gather the two factious sides and come to some sort of détente were rebuffed. Their hatred for each other ran deep.

Early in 2002, the foresight of one vampire and one werewolf, neither having been involved in the war, fought hard for peace that was finally achieved between the two races. The two who had helped broker the end of hostilities were named to the Council, bringing with them their own two assistants. That brought the Council membership to nine representatives and fourteen assistants. Since that time, peace had reigned, and the Council had achieved much towards equalizing the sharing of power. Disputes were rare. Administrative issues over conflicts, policing, record keeping and other duties were passed onto the newly created office named the Agency Protecting and Preserving Every Adjoined Race, or APPEAR for short. Having its offices in New York, it remained neutral, far away from Florence where the Council had its own vast complex.

Finally, in 2006, within APPEAR, which found its administrative duties growing beyond the scope it had originally been tasked with, a new subdivision was created for the investigation of crimes perpetrated by those bound by the Accords. Known as the Agency’s Division Resolving Otherworldly Infractions and Transgressions, it came to be known as the offices of ADROIT. There, teams of investigators, analysts and lab technicians solved crimes ranging from the petty to heinous. Their leader, a powerful warlock, with the ability to control all four elements, guided, mentored and led his colleagues by example.

The Guardians of the Accords - An Introduction
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The Guardians of the Accords – An Introduction The Guardians of the Accords – An Introduction

The Guardians of the Accords – An Introduction The Guardians of the Accords – An Introduction

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