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Discover the world of Sidhe Faeries and The Guardians of the Accords

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I write about Sidhe faeries, magic, daemons and shadows, quests and prophecies, with mythological elements in The Crystal Series.

And The Guardians of the Accords Series under the Elleanor Stone Collection builds on that world with new characters and adventures.

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Elements – The Crystal Series

“What would you do if you suddenly discovered that nothing about life was as you thought it was and all your choices seem to have been made for you centuries before you were born? That’s the reality young Alexa faces, and how well she copes will determine the fate of her world and that of the preternatural. Now, if only someone would explain what is going on!”

For eighteen-year-old Alexa finding a place to put down roots after being forced into a nomadic life by her paranoid mother was not as simple as she had believed. Her attempt to settle down in the coastal town of Beverly comes to an abrupt halt. Within months an explosion levels her apartment building, and all her preconceived ideas of her world come to an end.

Now on the run, Alexa can only follow Bet, her roommate, into the unknown, where the worlds of the Sidhe race of faeries, warlocks, daemons, and shadows, threaten her very existence. Pulled into a prophecy that she together with Aidan, the Sidhe Prince, would right their worlds, Alexa finds herself fighting against the prophecy’s telling of her being bound to Aidan. What makes it worse is her increasing attachment to his brother Liam.


Venture – The Crystal Series

In the second installment of The Crystal Series, Alexa is determined to continue on the search for the Kaemorra, the crystal which the prophecy foretold will save the world, alone. With Liam injured, Aidan missing, she cannot count on help from anyone.

Believing she is the cause of both men’s plight, it becomes impossible to ignore what she must do, who to trust with her heart. Fearing her life was never her own, the ache she experiences over the absence of one of the brothers forces her to come to a realization.

Perils, dangers await her at every turn. In order to save the one she loves, she may have to forfeit her own life. Just when it seems she has the upper hand, her actions have the most unfortunate results.


Harmony – The Crystal Series

In the final installment of The Crystal Series, as our heroes band together, the final stage is set. Will the prophecy be fulfilled or will they face destruction?

Feeling betrayed by Alexa, Aidan has lost his will to live. Held prisoner by Elsam for months, he awaits to finally be free. Only death can end his suffering. Meanwhile, with Alexa presumed dead, Liam is forced to face a harsh reality. He has betrayed the only woman he ever truly loved.

Alexa’s choices are few. With her powers now fully realized, she makes a daring move to save Aidan from Elsam’s clutches. Even if she accomplishes her task there is little time left for them to fulfill the prophecy.


Sudden Shock – Elleanor Stone Collection

Elleanor Stone has been alive for centuries. Cursed with immortality by none other than the goddess Aphrodite herself, Elleanor has been working for the past eleven years in modern day New York, as an investigator with the agency guarding against paranormal crimes and misdemeanors. As a lead investigator, she works alongside her partners, a fourteenth-century vampire, and a long-lived Sidhe faerie.Brant Ankar, billionaire, and philanthropist, fathered by an Asgardian warrior, has only recently arrived in New York to open a sub-division of his company Ankar and Associates. Pleading for help, a woman from his past, begs him to recover a lost artifact which may have dire consequences if it falls into the wrong hands.Elleanor has her own hands full when the murder of a young female werewolf leads her to believe the cause of death to be due to a vampire bite. Time is of the essence in solving the crime. Suspicion, hatred, between vampires and werewolves, runs deep. Having only recently halted their centuries-old war, finding out a vampire was responsible could cause a new conflict to erupt.From New York to Florence, Elleanor follows the clues to solve the young woman’s murder. The arrival of a past love, one she long thought dead, will have profound consequences, both to the case and to her personally.


Deviated Time  – A Stand Alone Crystal Series Novel

In the continuation of The Crystal Series, Tory has been thrust back in time, with only one goal in mind. Reuniting with Rina is his prime objective. But, where she is where to look for her, or if she even remembers him, are questions with no easy answers.

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A Sorcerer’s Malice

Simon thought his son and wife perished years ago in an unfortunate car accident. Now a photograph with the cryptic message, it was not an accident, has been delivered to him. The shocks do not end there.

Elleanor, for some reason, received the same picture and note. Seeking answers she must ask for help from Brant, who is still reluctant to get involved with her.

What they discover will profoundly change Simon’s life.


Of Earth and Blood

With the death of her mother, fifteen year old Luna now has no choice but to live with an aunt she knew nothing about. New town, new school, new people. But, that is the least of what she must face. While grieving for her mother has consumed her, other emotions rise to the surface when confronted with the knowledge of what her aunt is, who her father is, and why that new boy at school has taken an interest in her.

Witches, vampires, all have a stake at what Luna will decide for her future.

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