Elements “What would you do if you suddenly discovered that nothing about life was as you thought it was and all your choices seem to have been made for you centuries before you were born?" Read More Available FREE Venture Venture (Book Two of The Crystal Series) In the second installment of The Crystal Series, Alexa is determined to continue on the search for the Kaemorra, the crystal which the prophecy foretold will save the world, alone. With Liam injured, Aidan missing, she cannot count on help from anyone. Read More Harmony Read More Harmony (Books Three od The Crystal Series) In the final installment of The Crystal Series, as our heroes band together, the final stage is set. Will the prophecy be fulfilled
or will they face destruction?
The Complete Crystal Series Read More The Complete Crystal Series Alexa's attempt to settle down in the coastal town of Beverly comes to an abrupt halt. Within months an explosion levels her apartment building, and all her preconceived ideas
of her world come to an end.
Sudden Shock Read More Sudden Shock Time is of the essence in solving the young woman's death. Suspicion, hatred, between vampires and werewolves, runs deep. Deviated Time Read More Deviated Time In the continuation of The Crystal Series, Tory has been thrust back in time, with only one goal in mind. Reuniting with Rina is his sole purpose. But, where to begin looking for her, or if she even remembers him, are questions with no easy answers. Of Earth & Blood Read More Of Earth & Blood With the death of her mother, fifteen-year-old Luna has no choice but to live with an aunt she knew nothing about.
New town, new school, new people.
But that is the least of what she must face. Witches, vampires, all have a stake in what Luna will decide for her future.
A Sorcerer's Malice Read More Simon thought his son and wife perished years ago in an unfortunate car accident. Now a photograph with the cryptic message, it was not an accident, has been delivered to him.
The shocks do not end there.
Elements by Nia Markos – Chapter Nine
Elements by Nia Markos – Chapter Nine Alexa The people in the room stopped talking when Bet and I walked in. Some were sitting on the sofas, while others stood …
Elements by Nia Markos – Chapter Eight
Elements by Nia Markos – Chapter Eight Aidan Aidan removed himself once he knew Bet had calmed Alexa. On his way to the gym, Alexa’s sobs tore at him. He …
Today’s Mood thru Lyrics….
Today's Mood thru Lyrics…. There you have it. After months of living in semi-isolation, I have become desensitised to the world around me. Not depressed, but fatigued from trying to …
Elements by Nia Markos – Chapter Seven
Elements by Nia Markos – Chapter Seven     Alexa I managed to make it to my room with no one seeing me. Running by the living room, I heard my …

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Born in Montreal, Canada, to Greek parents who loved to indulge her with tales of mythology and history. Nia draws inspiration from their stories and combines them with her love of anything paranormal.

The tales she tells are from the heart and personal to her.


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